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Anti Dig Floor - Sunshine Hutch

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Keep your bunnies safe inside your Royal Rabbit hutch and predators out! These optional mesh floors still give our rabbit access to the grass but prevents them from burrowing out and escaping.

This product includes:

  • 1 large mesh floor (50mm x 50mm squares, 2.5mm wire thickness)
  • 1 x  bundle of wires ties to attach the floor to the base of the hutch

Strong Mesh Floor

Royal Rabbit hutches have been designed with an open floor but if you are concerned about predators digging under the edge to get to your precious pets or if you have a rabbit that enjoys burrowing, then an anti-dig floor is a good idea. 

These large mesh sheets are wired to the base of your hutch. 

Strong Coop Mesh

The mesh used on the side of the Royal Rabbit cages is 2.5mm thick which is impossible for foxes to chew through. If foxes are hungry and determined enough, they've been known to chew through thin mesh on the sides of chicken coops! Rest assured this will not happen with a Royal Rabbit hutch.

Moving your Hutch with an Anti-Dig Floor

When you move your hutch and you have an anti dig floor wired to the base of your cage, your rabbits generally just jump into the housing area and go for a ride! 

(If you already have a Royal Rabbit hutch and now need an anti dig floor for that cage, please call for a freight quote). 

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Mini Description Keep your rabbit safely inside your hutch and predators away!
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