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Rabbit Run

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Your rabbits will be right at home in the streamlined, Australian made 'Rabbit Run'. These great-looking rectangular hutches, cater for 1-2 rabbits and are very easy to move around your backyard.

The Rabbit Run measures 2.3m long, 0.9m wide and 0.7m high. This style of hutch features 3 access doors (including the roof panel) for easy cleaning, feeding and access to your pets.

  • Suits 1-2 rabbitsTwo Ways to Order
  • Measures 2.3m long, 0.9m wide and 0.7m high
  • Made from strong, yet light-weight, aluminium frame
  • Strong 2.5mm thick galvanised mesh with 25mm squares
  • Galvanised mini corrugated iron and flat sheeting
  • Three access doors - very easy to kids to use
  • Removable litter tray for easy cleaning
  • Takes between 1-2 hours to assemble, with detailed illustrated instructions provided
  • NOTE - pictures show optional central weather shield fitted on this model

Australian MadeAustralian made

All Royal Rooster hutches are made right here in Australia from quality materials and with quality workmanship.  

Aluminium Framework

Aluminium is much lighter than steel which means less strain for you to move your hutch around your yard. Also, unlike steel or timber, aluminium will not rust or deteriorate in the weather. You can be rest assured that your hutch will be looking just as great in many years time.

Small-sized galvanized mesh

The hutches have been made using small sized steel mesh, 2.5mm thick with 25mm squares. This strong mesh is difficult to accidently damage and is impossible for foxes or rabbits to chew through! 

Mini Fluted Corrugated Iron

The roof of the Rabbit Run is made using very stylish zincalume mini corrugated iron. These hutches are also available in Colorbond for those wishing their hutch to match the colour of their fence or shed! (see upgrades section below)

Summer Ventilation

Unlike imported hutches, Royal Rabbit cages are designed and made in Australia, taking into consideration our very hot summers. There are two ventilation mesh panels on the sides of the cage to help maximize ventilation on hot days. Optional 'weather shields' can also be purchased to cover over these panels to provide extra protection in wet weather (see upgrades section below). 


As these hutches are made of aluminium, they are surprisingly light to move around your yard. With one person on either end, you can easily move your hutch area. Optional sets of wheels are also available for those wishing to move the hutch with just one person (see upgrades section below). 

Open Floor Design

The hutches have an open floor design to allow your rabbits to enjoy the soil and grass in your backyard. If you do have a rabbit that likes to dig or are worried about foxes or dogs entering your hutch, you can purchase an anti-dig floor for the run section of your hutch (see upgrades section below). 

Three door access

The Rabbit Run hutch has two latched doors at both ends of the enclosure to allow easy access to clean out the bedding in the housing area and for the times you wish your rabbit to run outside of the hutch. 

The Rabbit Runs also have a third access door with the roof panel hinged for easy access. There is also an aluminium rod which can be propped in place to keep this lid open so you can reach in and pick up your fluffy friends. This is a great feature, easy to operate and allows children the ability to interact with their pet much easier than traditional hutches. 

Removable Litter Tray

There is a removable litter tray in the housing area of the Rabbit Run. This rests on brackets so will move along when you move your cage. This tray can easily be removed out the back door to clean off manure and to put a fresh layer of straw on top for your rabbit. This floor is easily cleaned with a hose or pressure cleaner and will dry very quickly. 

Optional Upgrades

WheelsFor $50 extra, the hutches can be fitted with wheels. These are located midway along the hutch and can be raised into the moving position when needed. You will find that these hutches are a breeze to move.

Weather Shields - To keep your rabbit nice and cosy in the colder months, you can purchase weather shields that fit over the ventilation areas of the hutch. This includes two panels that fit over the side ventilation panels plus an additional arch shaped shield that fits inside the cage to further enclose the housing section. $50 for the three shields.

Anti-Dig Mesh Floor - If your rabbit likes to dig and you're concerned they'll burrow out of the hutch (or if foxes or dogs are a problem), you can purchase an wire mesh floor for your hutch. The mesh panel (with 5cm x 5cm squares) still enables your rabbits to access the grass beneath and at the same time gives you peace of mind about their safety.

Colorbond - The hutches are also available using Colorbond materials. Colorbond colours to choose from are Cottage Green, Pale Eucalypt and Deep Ocean. Please ask if you are interested in a different Colorbond colour. 

Delivery Insurance - Highly recommended. This covers the replacement or repair of your hutch if damaged in transit as well as the freight to transport damaged parts back to us and new parts over to you. Only $12 for peace of mind. 

Assembly Requirements

These hutches are very simple to put together and come with detailed, illustrated instructions. You’ll need a rubber mallet, an electric drill and a number 2 Philips-head driver. Assembly time should be between 1-2 hours.

Delivery Time

All cages are made in our purpose built premises in Willaston in South Australia. We aim to dispatch cages approximately 1-2 weeks after an order has been placed. Delivery with TNT generally then takes between 1-2 weeks to arrive. If you live in SA, pickup from our premises is most welcome. 

See all we offer at Royal Rabbit. If you have a question, drop us a line via the contact form.

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