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Weather Shields - Sunshine Hutch

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Weather Shields are designed to further close in the housing section on your hutch, giving your rabbits a warm, sheltered area in the cooler months.

This item includes:

  • 1 x arch shaped weather shield to further enclose the housing section
  • 2 x rectangle shaped shields to fit over the side ventilation panels

Great Ventilation

All of Royal Rabbit hutches are designed with ventilation, which is very important for rabbits in Australia's hot weather. For the cooler months, optional ‘weather shields’ can be purchased further enclose the housing section to keep your rabbits nice and cosy in the cooler months.

Easy to put on and remove

These shields are designed to be added to your cage when the cool weather arrives and left in place until Spring when the weather warms up a little. There are 3 shields included, and are very straight forward to add or remove.

Made from flat zincalume iron

The shields are made from quality zincalume iron and cut and shaped approrpiately for each style of coop.

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Mini Description Keep your rabbits cosy in winter - weather shields further enclose the housing section
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