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Wheel Kit

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All Royal Rabbit hutches can be fitted with wheels giving you the flexibility of being able to move your cage by yourself.

These wheels are located midway along the hutch and can be raised into the moving position when needed and then lowered again when you've reached your new patch of grass for your rabbits to enjoy.

This kit includes:

  • 2 x solid rubber wheels with red metal centres
  • 1 x nut and bolt pack for fitting to your hutch
  • 2 x aluminium 'lever arms' for lifting the wheels
  • 2 x wheel brackets to fix to your cage

Moving Your Hutch

These wheel kits make moving your hutch a breeze. You simply have to lift the 'lever up' upwards, fold out the metal 'tongue' and place this over the screw head on the side of the cage. Then move your cage like you would a wheelbarrow to a new position in your backyard. The rabbits will stay safetly inside and jump along as you move the cage. If you have an anti dig floor in place, they'll likely just hop into the housing area while their cage goes for a ride! When you've reached your new patch of soil you simply lift the lever arm to fold down the metal tongue and place the cage back onto the ground again. 

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Mini Description Move your rabbit hutch easily with just one person! 1 kit (inc 2 wheels) needed per hutch.
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